Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Storm Rain is coming soon........

1. Federal Reserve cut its forecast for the U.S. economy.
2. Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said banks are still in peril, warned U.S.
banks will
need to raise “large” amounts of money and “we still have a very serious
potential mortgage
3. Standard & Poor’s cut the U.K.’s AAA rating to “negative” from “stable” for the first

4. Participants generally expected that strains in credit markets and in the banking
would ebb slowly, and hence the pace of recovery would continue to be
damped in 2010.

5. The global economy’s “free fall” may have ended, which could in turn hurt the U.S.
Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said.
6. “I view the Chinese agitation about a new currency as basically an attempt to have
rescue them from their own investment decision,” Krugman said.
“China bought too many
dollars. Now it’s looking at it and saying, ‘we’re going to
lose a lot of money on this

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do you still want to re-enter into this level of market ?

What Pullback? Stock Rally Still Has Legs, Strategists Believe.
Stock strategists are still seeing up arrows when it comes to this market.

One of the hottest debates on the Street these past three or four weeks is how much further the bull can run before it runs out of steam.

Many traders believe a pullback is inevitable and for some, this week is as good as any for that to happen, given recent low volume of trading.

But several strategists say in notes that they see stocks still moving higher. Citigroup's stock strategist Tobias Levkovich warns the market's naysayers could be proven wrong, and this could be an above average bear market rally.

Also, a higher stock market could also boost consumer confidence. For that reason, the market has a good chance of seeing a better-than-average bear market rally.

The average one-year bear market rally off of the bottom has risen more than 43 percent and it's likely, there is still room to go higher. Another factor is that there are lots of investors who missed the moves and are sitting with large cash hordes.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If Economic recover early this year, will drive up all commodities !!!

Because this year all the Countries will less stock in-house for all the commodities, like Palm Oil, Soyabean, Corn and etc.

High Volume for this year 2009 !!!

Today the market make a huge volume, 335 million turnover. for the Brokers and Bursa, this is a good thing. but for the investor has to take alert. because the Top 20 stocks are penny stocks but with huge volume. Hope we are not in the last Train. CI index support, i make it at 1,000 pts, 980 pts.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wat a Strong Market. just follow the Trend.

FCPO - support at RM2,600, still up trend.

KLCI Composite Index- support 980-990, still very up trend !!